Daisy Weeder


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Need a hand tool that is easy to wield but tough enough to decimate those difficult tap root or even short-rooted weeds out of your lawn? Just slot this hand weeder around the base of the offending growth (daisies, dandelions and buttercups particularly) and with leverage watch them come away intact preventing further infestation or annoying re-growth.

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The daisy weeder is modelled after an antique Victorian tool, whose function is as relevant in today’s world as it was in the 19th century. By using the daisy weeder during the wetter periods in the year, the root of these weeds can be removed in full with relative ease by sticking the end of the weeder in the soil with the weed in between and the using the tube as a point for leverage. This removes strain from the wrists and the weed is removed with the entire root. The daisy weeder can be delivered with a normal ash handle or a specially shaped cherry wood handle.

Total length

45 cm

Length of the handle

32 cm

Width of the blade

2 cm

Net weight
Length of the blade
Material of handle

Cherry wood

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