Raised Bed Weeding Trowel


The weeding trowel features a long, narrow and tapered blade that is sharpened on both sides. The middle of the blade is bent in a V shape on the long side of the blade which flows into the neck connecting the blade to the handle. This fabrication process ensures that the tool is very strong and practically unbreakable. The weeding trowel can hold its own in sandy, clay, limestone, or even rocky soil types.

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The weeding trowel is ideal for planting out long rooted seedlings and plants like sweet peas when you require a deep narrow planting hole. But it is also extremely useful for removing tap rooted weeds (like dandelions) and reaching into difficult areas in the garden for general weeding. The long blade can also be used to scrape clean (terracotta) pots.

Total length

80 cm

Length of the handle

60 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

Net weightNaN
Width of the bladeNaN
Length of the bladeNaN
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