Sneeboer & Piet Oudolf join hands

With absolute masterpieces like The High Line Garden in New York and Lurie Garden in Chicago – just to name a few projects – Piet Oudolf may rightfully call himself one of te most successful landscape architects in the world. Piet has a special way of creating, by combining lush and wild plants while maintaining the balance in the boundaries of the garden and letting go of control. his new way of designing, which is known as The Dutch Wave, is totally different from existing garden designs. The gardens designed by Piet are highly appreciated and inspire many garden lovers all over the world.

One of Piet’s gardens in all four seasons:

Gardens of the World

Join us on our visits to some of the most beautiful gardens and nurseries in the Netherlands which are amazing in their own design and specialization.

Gardens of the World episode 1: Piet Oudolf “Control and Lettings Go”
Gardens of the World episode 2: De Boschhoeve
Gardens of the World episode 3: Piet Oudolf Can’t get enough of gardening inspiration..
Gardens of the World episode 4: De Havikshof
Gardens of the World episode 5: De Hessenhof

The common mission of Jaap Sneeboer and Piet Oudolf

Guided by Piet’s years of experience, thoughtful way of planting and extensive knowledge you can change your garden into a real “Piet Oudolf Creation” as well. But for the right basis and the final implementation, Sneeboer has the best tools.
Jaap Sneeboer and Piet Oudolf share a common mission to “experience the power and beauty of nature, sustainability, ecosystem and environment” and with this partnership they took this mission to a whole other level.

Piet Oudolf and Jaap Sneeboer

These tools form the basis for creating and maintaining an iconic Piet Oudolf palette and are specially selected by the landscaper himself.


Original Piet Oudolf drawing

Piet Oudolf is known for using plants and grasses which deserve a spot in the garden during each phase of their lifecycle. By doing so, your garden will be a pleasure to leisure and work in during each season. In this downloadable drawing created by Piet himself you can see how Piet uses the available space, plants and grasses to create a beautiful four season garden.