1886-1912: Founder Arie Sneeboer is born on the 25th of January 1886

The birthof A.J. Sneeboer on the 25th of January 1886 marked the beginning of the Sneeboer legacy as we know it today. Arie (his nickname) was born during the Great Depression, which was characterized by a big exodus of people from the countryside to find a better life in the city. Arie, as stubborn as he was and as many Sneeboer family members still are, traveled in the opposite direction from the city of Amsterdam to the small village named Grootebroek. It was in this village that he bought a plot of land on 16 December 1912 situated on the Snoeckstraat. On this plot of land he built his first workshop (including a spring power hammer) and home and when it was finished he established his company on 30 January 1913: a blacksmith’s shop by the name “A.J. Sneeboer”.