Bent Weeding Fork 2t


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This variant on the classic two-pronged weeding fork is ideal for weeding and aerating the soil. This weeding fork is mated with a 155cm long ash wood button handle and the tines are bent in a 90 degree angle, so it is a comfortable tool to work with while standing upright. The two tines are parallel to each other making this a tool that can be used for precision gardening in crowded borders.

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The bent weeding fork is well suited to remove deeply rooted weeds from crowded borders but is also a very effective tool to aerate the soil and mix fertilizers through the soil. The shape of this weeding fork ensures that there is hardly any strain on the wrist. The weeding fork is available with several different handles of short and longer lengths.

Total length

166 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Width of the blade

4 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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