Raised Bed Wrotter


The wrotter is an elegantly simple solution to a perennial problem as it can remove weeds with the roots from even the most difficult to reach spaces. The ingenious design features a spike with a sharp tip combined with a V-shaped hook. This allows easy penetration of the soil while the weeds are caught on the hook when the tool is removed from the ground.

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“Wrotter” is a Frisian word meaning hard worker, which is a perfect description of this tool. Great for removing seedlings, weeding in tight spaces amongst borders and where it is hard to access. As the weeds are not cut but removed from the soil with the roots there is almost no chance for the weeds to regrow. The wrotter is available with a handle from ash or cherry wood, or with a longer ash handle for working in raised beds.

Total length

78 cm

Length of the handle

60 cm

Width of the blade

3 cm

Net weight

0,30 kg

Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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