1997-2009: Production is scaled up and Sneeboer tools are found on more and more European garden shows

The end of the 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium were characterized by scaling up production and selling these tools all over the world via gardening fairs and the dealer network. To accomplish this, the Sneeboer team grew continuously by hiring a lot of family members. We are proud that a large part of our family has worked for the company at some point in time even though some of them left to pursue their own careers!

In 2001 we were invited by Link Stakes (a producer of stakes to support plants) to join them at the Chelsea Flower Show. After a successful first year, we were part of the Harrod Horticultural stand for almost a decade before we got our first fully Sneeboer dedicated stand in 2012. And in 2023 we will be at Chelsea once more!

Besides the fairs, we made two special trowels in 2003 with an engraving for the then Prince of the Netherlands Willem Alexander and Olympic Champion swimming Pieter van den Hoogeband. They used these trowels to plant a few bulbs at the Keukenhof to celebrate the launch of bulbs that were named after the Prince. Furthermore, we partnered with the French fashion brand Hermès Paris between 2005 and 2009 to produce three hand tools for their Art of Living department. These Sneeboer hand tools featured a special Hermès Paris nail in the handle.

Even with the global financial crisis looming in 2008 and 2009, it became obvious that the workshop that was built 15 years before was becoming too small for all the orders and so it was time to think about expanding the workshop.