1992-1996: The purchase of the Van Driel brand pushes sales and therefore a new workshop has to be built to be able to produce the tools.

Sales skyrocketed in the early 90s due to Jaap and Wilma taking over the company, the arrival of Frank and Aad Sneeboer and the purchase of the Van Driel brand in the late 1980s. The increase was so large that it was decided to leave the old workshop where tools had been produced since 1913 and to build a new workshop and forge in Bovenkarspel. So in 1992, the foundation stone of the new premises was laid by Paul Sneeboer, son of founder Arie, and Laura and Sjoerd, children of Jaap and Wilma.

In April 1993, it was finally time to move into the new workshop and demolish the old one. The production area increased threefold to a total of 900m². Costs also increased as a result of the new workshop and the move, so times became difficult. To support sales, an additional steel line “Brink” was set up but the focus remained on the stainless steel tools. Since Jaap was fluent in German, he went to nurseries in Germany during this period to sell Sneeboer tools there as well. The first German shop to sell Sneeboer tools was that of Gartenbautechnik Geereking and we still sell tools through this German dealer today!

Innovation did not stand still either, so in 1994 the foundations of a Sneeboer website were scribbled on a note and www.sneeboer.com was established. This period was characterized by months and months of producing tools during the week in order to sell them in the weekends at trade fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium Germany and England. In 1996, a new country and continent was added when Da-Ichi Seeds from Japan wanted to sell Sneeboer tools!