1969: Arie Sneeboer passes away on the 15th of September 1969 when he was 83 years old

15 September 1969 is a dark page in the history of Sneeboer as the founder of Sneeboer garden tools passes away at 83 after a short illness. He leaves his wife and ten children behind of which three are running the family business. Arie Sneeboer will forever be remembered for his innovative ways and statements. He is known for many but his most known are “I know how to improve” and “Anyone who has ever held a Sneeboer in their hands will never want anything else”.

The current business operations are still run in accordance with Aries values. Producing garden tools of the highest quality is what Sneeboer is still known for today. Besides that, Sneeboer is always looking for new innovative ways and technologies to further improve the production process.