1956-1969: Three of Arie’s sons take over the company

After the acquisition of the company by Arie’s three sons, a new showroom is purchased as the old store was too small. This new showroom is opened festively on the 11th of June 1959; around 63 years ago! The bigger showroom is a driver for increasing revenue and in 1963 a new building can be purchased to serve as the new blacksmith’s shop where stainless steel garden tools can be produced. The new shop is six times as large as the old shop which was the main production location since 1913.

Production quantities increase steadily in the 1960’s. This is partly due to a an increase of the awareness of the quality tools by the Sneeboer family and partly due to a competitor, firma Windt from Grootebroek, stopping their business. The firma Windt also produced produced garden tools and was located in the same village. All these changes result in more Sneeboer garden tools finding their way into the hands of gardeners in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.