1914-1919: Arie serves as a Gunner in the Dutch Army in the First World War

Since Arie was able to make an alloy that was stronger than that of his competitors, his first year in business was a big success. Besides garden tools, he also sold semi-finished products to other blacksmiths in the area. By selling this product mix, he was able to buy and construct a new blacksmith’s shop, house and showroom in 1913 with a total cost of 4,000 Dutch guilders. The accounting in his books suddenly stop in June 1914 as the first World War begins when Prince Frans Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian empire is assassinated. Arie is called to arms en serves in the Dutch army as a gunner in Den Helder during the entire span of the World War. He is discharged from service on the first of August 1919 as a result of the end of the conflict.