Handspade (registered design)


The handspade is the epitome of elegance and functionality in gardening tools. The handspade can be used to turn over soil and transplant plants, but also to divide shrubs and dig small holes. Crafted to perfection, this masterpiece is designed to redefine your gardening experience with its exquisite craftsmanship and multifunctional applications.The hand spade lends itself ideally for gardeners who are out and about a lot, who work on their knees or who find a regular spade too large and heavy.

This design is registered (under numbers onder nummers RCD 015035063-0001/UK 6316568) and is protected by design rights. It is not permitted, according to regulations such as the Community Designs Regulation, to copy or reproduce our designs without permission.

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Each blade is painstakingly shaped and honed by the skilled hands of Sneeboer’s master craftsmen, a tradition that Sneeboer tools are renowned for. The result is a blade that glides through the soil effortlessly, making your gardening tasks a breeze. This blade is not only a stunning piece of art but as its made from 3mm stainless steel it is also a robust workhorse in your garden.

The blade of the handspade is curved on the long side to give it strength and to prevent fracturing the blade while digging. Furthermore, the angle at which the blade is attached to ash T-handle is specifically determined to make working with the handspade more comfortable. Whether you’re tending to delicate plants or undertaking more demanding projects, this handspade is the ideal companion.

Length of the handle

42 cm

Net weight

0,75 kg

Width of the blade

13 cm

Length of the blade

14,50 cm

Total length

58 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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