Narrow Spade with steps D-Handle


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Because of the narrow blade, this spade is well suited for digging, dividing a bush, and working in a confined area. As the blade is narrower than that of a regular spade, it takes less effort to drive the blade deep into the ground. The blade is hand-forged and sharpened, allowing for an effortless digging experience.

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The blade of the narrow spade is curved on the long side to give it strength and to prevent fracturing the blade while digging. Furthermore, the angle at which the blade is attached to handle is specifically determined to make working with the spade more comfortable. Because of the shape and angle of the blade, the narrow spade is very well suited for digging in the ground but not for scooping or shoveling loose material. The narrow spade has a 28.5cm by 11.5cm stainless steel blade and is fitted with an ash wood handle of varied sizes.

Total length

110 cm

Length of the handle

85 cm

Width of the blade

11,50 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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