Tarière pour échantillon de sol


Cet outil est spécialement développé pour collectionner des échantillons de sol. Le tarière est complètement fait en acier inox, donc vous pourriez donner beaucoup de force.


The soil sample drill set comes into two pieces, the actual soil sample drill and “the Thumb”, a stainless-steel protection to get the core out.



The drill, push the drill with 2 hands firmly into the soil, turn the drill a quarter and pull up, the sample (core) sticks into the drill and is ready to be examined. To get the sample (core) out of the drill we supplied the stainless thumb, your protection. Put your own thumb into the stainless thumb and push the core out.

Due sharpness of both sides of the drill and possible burs, taking out the core with your own thumb (without the stainless protection) you might scratch/open your thumb (Bleeding).



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Longueur totale

87 cm

Longueur de la tige

60 cm

Dimension de la tête

2,50 cm

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1,10 kg

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Roestvast | staal

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