The Field Shef


The Field Shef is a unique tool in the Sneeboer collection as it combines the best traits of a fork with those of a spade. The Field Shef, that is designed by Jaap Sneeboer, can be used to cut the roots of a plant and turn over the soil in one single, easy motion. The blade of the Field Shef is specifically designed to work in tough clay soil as it is open like a fork. Comparable to a fork, the tines are formed in a V shape so that sticky soil does not adhere to the tool. The cutting edge is shaped hollow to trap roots and plants and to cut these with ease.

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Thanks to its design, the tines of the Field Shef are almost unable to bend, the tool is very light, and the hollow shaped cutting edge makes it easy to drive into the ground. The name Field Shef is an anagram of the English city Sheffield where the first big iron and steel mills were located. The first ever plate of stainless steel that Paul Sneeboer bought in 1950 was produced in Sheffield. The Field Shef is available with a 90 cm ash T-handle.

Total length

115 cm

Length of the handle

90 cm

Width of the blade

14,50 cm

Net weight

1,75 kg

Length of the blade

21,50 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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