Pointed Spade


The pointed spade is extremely effective at boring into compact soils, dividing plants in autumn and making planting holes. The blade is forged, formed into a point and sharpened on both sides, allowing the pointed spade to easily be used as a precision instrument in crowded borders. These characteristics also make the pointed spade a very effective tool for digging in hard and compact soil types such as clay.

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The blade of the pointed spade is mounted at a specific angle to the handle to make working with the pointed spade more comfortable. Because of the shape and angle of the blade, the pointed spade is very well suited for digging in the ground but less for scooping or shoveling loose material. The pointed spade is available with an ash wood handle of varied sizes and shapes. Finally, there is an option to include steps that will protect your shoes while digging.

Total length

120 cm

Length of the handle

100 cm

Width of the blade

18 cm

Net weight

1,60 kg

Length of the blade
Material of handle

Ash wood

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