Digging Fork 3t


The digging fork with three tines is ideal for harvesting, digging and aerating the soil. The three stainless steel tines are sharpened allowing the fork to be driven deep into the soil with ease. The digging fork is perfect for harvesting or transplanting plants or trees without damaging the roots. This digging fork is lighter than the 4-tined fork and border fork but is heavy duty enough to cope with digging over the largest of beds.

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As a result of the shape of the tines and the angle at which the handle is attached to the fork, this fork can effortlessly be driven into the ground. Compared to a spade, a digging fork does not slice through the soil which ensures that delicate root systems will remain intact and undamaged while digging so that plants remain healthy. The digging fork is available in multiple variations with three or four teeth or in a smaller size. This digging fork is available with a 90cm ash T-handle or an 85cm ash D-handle.

Total length

113 cm

Length of the handle

85 cm

Width of the blade

13 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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