Rose Fork 2t


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The traditional rose fork is ideal to turn over and aerate the soil around the rose bush, making it easy for the roots to get nutrients from the soil. The rose fork has two straight, sharp teeth of stainless steel which can be driven into the ground with ease.

The traditional rose fork has been brought back to life by Sneeboer in 1998, after a description of the tool was discovered in the book of the famous rose grower David Austin. The best use for the rose fork is when a planting hole has been made and the has been mixed with fertilizer after which the rose bush is planted. The next step is to use the rose fork to create holes in the ground surrounding the freshly planted rose bush to aerate the soil and to the perfect conditions for growth. Do not let the name of the tool fool you, as this versatile fork can also be used to do the same tasks with other bushes, shrubs, plants or trees. The rose fork is available with an ash D-handle or T-handle.

Total length

114 cm

Length of the handle

85 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

Net weightNaN
Width of the bladeNaN
Length of the bladeNaN
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