Rock Spade with steps


The Rock Spade with steps is specifically designed for gardening work in rocky soil. The blade is a lot narrower compared to a normal spade so a lot of force can be put on a small cutting edge making it easy to drive into the soil. The sturdy steps on both sides of the blade ensure that a lot of force can be put on the blade to work the soil. The strong and sharpened stainless steel blade makes light work of any soil management in rocky areas.

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The rock spade is a successor of the obsolete beet spade, which was used up to the 1950s to manually harvest beets. The narrow blade makes the rock spade a handy tool when heavy gardening is needed in areas where there is not a lot of room and where precision is required. The rock spade with steps is delivered with a 90 cm ash T-handle.

Total length

106 cm

Length of the handle

90 cm

Width of the blade

5,50 cm

Net weight

1,21 kg

Length of the blade

20 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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