Greenhouse Aerator


The greenhouse aerator has been perfectly designed for loosening soil prior to planting and is equally adept at removing weeds and other unwanted plants in your greenhouse. Because of its size, the greenhouse aerator is very well suited for working in the greenhouse, pots, small borders, planters or even as a precision tool in the garden. The greenhouse aerator is available with an ash or cherry wood handle.

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Gardening on a smaller scale presents the same challenges as gardening on a large scale. Activities such as planting, aerating, weed removal are still necessary and as such you require comparable, smaller tools. To help with these tasks, Sneeboer has created the indoor gardening collection featuring our best tools in a smaller size. These quality tools will assist you in working on your balcony, vertical garden or plant pot.

Total length

25 cm

Length of the handle

14 cm

Width of the blade

1,50 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Cherry wood

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