Cultivator 3 tines

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The cultivator has three sharp, bent tines which make light work of breaking up soil as the three tines deeply pierce the soil. Breaking up the top layer of soil allows air, light, water and other nutrients to be stored in the lower parts of the soil where the plant roots are located. The cultivator has long tines so it can break through a thick layer of soil and the angle of the teeth allows the tool to be pulled through the soil with ease. This tool is comparable to the function of a plough and as such, the tines are wider at the bottom compared to the top of the tine.

The cultivator is ideally suited to remove weeds with long roots, aerate the soil, mix compost or other fertilizers through the soil and can be used in all types of soil. During the pull motion the soil is overturned which improves aeration and during the push motion the overturned soil is broken up into smaller pieces. The cultivator is available with a 155cm ash wood button handle.

Width of head

10,5 cm

Length of head

16 cm

Total length

172 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Number of tines


Length of tines

11 cm cm

Between tines

4 cm

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