Tina Messen Handmade in Germany since 1854


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A TINA gardening knife is designed to cut and graft with ease and great precision. This copulation knife has a 5,5cm long blade which is ideal for grafting and cutting plants. These knives have been produced for over 150 years in Germany by the TINA Messerfabrik and they are renowned worldwide for their quality. They are known as the best garden knives in the world.

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TINA knives are available with a 5,5cm and a 10,5cm blade. The handle is made of polished walnut wood and the blade folds into the handle to protect the blade and your hands when you are not using the knife. To produce a TINA knife, only ecological materials are used and since 2007 the factory’s only byproduct is environmentally friendly energy.

The TINA Messerfabrik is in the German town Reutlingen in the heart of the Württemberg region. This region is known for its high tech and quality innovations in for instance the car-industry. This focus on quality is also centered in the TINA Messerfabrik. Where other knives need to be sharpened after around 400 cuts, a TINA knife is just a sharp as new after 1400 cuts. It is no wonder that customers swear by the quality of this brand in all 35 countries where TINA garden knives are sold.

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16,50 cm

Length of the handle

10 cm

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