Celtic Shovel / Spade


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The Celtic shovel has a wide head in the shape of an ace from a deck of cards. The head is concave in cross section which means that you can get a lot of material onto the head and the angle between the blade and the handle makes it easy to push the head into piles of material. This construction allows you to lift using only your arms and legs and not your back. The end of the head is narrower, flatter and more pointed to facilitate driving the tool into the soil.

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The Celtic shovel is the perfect tool for easily lifting and moving piles of bulky materials such as loose soil or sand. With its long handle and specially shaped and sized head, each scoop fills the shovel easily while still being easy to lift.

Total length

138 cm

Length of the handle

110 cm

Width of the blade

26 cm

Net weight
Length of the blade
Material of handle

Ash wood

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