Border Fork 4t LUXE


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The border fork with four tines is ideal for harvesting, digging and aerating the soil. The border fork is the baby brother (or sister) of our larger digging fork making it a lot lighter to work with in the garden. The four stainless steel tines are sharpened allowing the fork to be driven deep into the soil with ease. The border fork is perfect for harvesting or transplanting plants or trees without damaging the roots.

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The border fork is lighter to use than the digging fork and the fork is mounted to the handle on the most beneficial angle, so your wrists are not strained while using it. Even in clay or peat, the border fork feels at home to dig or remove plants without damaging even the most delicate of root systems. The border fork is available with a 90cm ash T-handle, an 85cm ash D-handle or a luxury ash T-handle.

Total length

112 cm

Length of the handle

90 cm

Width of the blade

15,50 cm

Net weight

1,80 kg

Length of the blade

18,50 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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