Cape Cod Weeder


The design of the Cape Cod weeder originates from a classical tool from the United States of America. It was designed by a garden enthusiast from Cape Cod, a geographic cape and peninsula in the Easternmost part of the state of Massachusetts, in Northeast-America. This L-shaped tool is worldwide used like a hoe and can cut off any weeds from the root, but it can also be used to aerate and loosen up soil. To perform these tasks, the weeder is equipped with a sharpened flat blade and a pointed tip. The narrow head allows the user to work in very tight spaces around existing plants.

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Graveren (+ 5,95)

Meer informatie

De Cape Cod wieder is verkrijgbaar in een links- en rechtshandige variant en met een essen- of een kersenhouten heft.

Totale lengte

30 cm

Lengte van de steel

14 cm

Breedte van het blad

2 cm

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0,20 kg

Lengte van het blad NaN
Materiaal steel


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