Cadeaux de Noël Medium


At Sneeboer, we know that giving an original gift to your relations or employees is not an easy task. Most certainly if you also want to make an environmentally conscious choice. 

We have carefully selected our most ordered hand tools to make your choice a bit easier. You already have a wonderful business gift for € 49.90: the perfect gift for all your employees, partners that you want to thank for a successful year.

You can easily order the gift sets directly through our webshop. Please reach out to us for a special quote, we always respond within 24 hours!

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Cadeaux de Noël

Longueur totale

32 cm

Matériel du manche

Bois de cerisier

Poids netNaN
Dimension de la têteNaN
Longueur de la lameNaN
Longueur de la tigeNaN
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