Pointed Push Hoe 20 cm


The pointed push hoe allows you to combat weeds easily while you stand up straight, making it a very ergonomic tool. The pointed push hoe has a surprisingly design of garden hoe thanks to the 20 cm wide blade shaped in a point which slices effortlessly through established and seedling-stage weeds. The pointed push hoe is hand forged on all four sides and sharpened on all edges, making it the perfect garden tool to remove weeds easily and skillfully without damaging plants and vegetables.

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By using the pointed push hoe in dry periods in the beginning of the year, you can control weed growth around the crops as it will have a smaller chance to grow back in this period. Weeds have more difficulty growing back in the shadows of your crops and with this push hoe you can do so effectively. The pointed push hoe comes with 20 cm wide blade and with a 155cm ash wood button handle.

Total length

174 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Width of the blade

20 cm

Net weight

1,10 kg

Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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