Lawn Aerator


The lawn aerator makes hollow cavities in the lawn which keeps the lawn in perfect condition by allowing oxygen to reach the roots of the grass. The soil is extracted out of the tool onto the lawn instead of being pushed down into the root structures. This method makes the soil with the roots looser and allow nutrients to reach the roots with more ease. As an added benefit, the extracted plugs on top of the grass will provide nutrients to the grass. The holes will also reduce water-run-off, so less irrigation is needed. We recommend using the lawn aerator from May until September and preferably after one or more days of rain. Keep in mind that a lawn requires around 4 weeks to recover from aerating. The lawn aeration strengthens the roots and strong roots equal a lush, green lawn. This tool is available with an 80cm ash wood handle.

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Length of the handle

80 cm

Net weight

1,70 kg

Width of the blade

23 cm

Length of the blade

10 cm

Total length

108 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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