Great Dixter / Christopher Lloyd Trowel


The Great Dixter trowel has a narrow, long and sharpened blade with which deep roots of unwanted weeds can be reached and cut. The Great Dixter trowel is very strong and therefore it can also be used to plant bulbs. This trowel was the favorite tool of the famous English gardener Christopher Lloyd.

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The trowel is designed to the exact specifications of Christopher making it his favorite tool for all the planting and weeding tasks in the garden. As the blade is narrow, you are able to reach into tight spaces, but the rounded tip and sharp edges allow you to work with ease. The trowel is available with handles made from ash or cherry wood in varied sizes.

This trowel is one of a special collection of tools that we are allowed to sell under the “Great Dixter” pedigree and name. Sneeboer is the only manufacturer of garden tools in the world that are allowed to use this name in their product range. With each Great Dixter tool that Sneeboer sells, a part of the revenue is donated to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust. Sneeboer is happy and proud that we can contribute to this excellent example of English cultural heritage.

Total length

33 cm

Length of the handle

14 cm

Width of the blade

5 cm

Net weight

0,24 kg

Length of the blade

16,50 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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