The dibber is designed to quickly plunge planting holes in the sole to the desired depth and width making it useful when planting multiple seeds and bulbs. This unusually shaped dibber is a joy to use, the steam-bent ash wood handle fits comfortably in the hand and it comes with a sharp stainless steel spike. The finely sharpened tip makes this an extremely effective dibber, and the steam-bent ash wood handle offers a comfortable grip when working from a kneeling or seated position.

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The ash handle of this dibber has been bent in a traditional method by using steam to soften the wood. This ensures that the handle is a lot stronger compared to cutting the handle from a board. The curved shape allows the user to use more force while making the plant holes without hurting your wrists. The dibber can be used in sandy soil or heavy clay, and it makes planting seeds or bulbs as easy as it can be.

Total length

35 cm

Length of the handle

21 cm

Width of the blade

3 cm

Net weight

0,25 kg

Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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