Asparagus Knife


The asparagus knife is the tool to use when it is time to harvest asparagus. This moment arises when the tip of the asparagus breaks through the top of the soil where it has been growing. To remove the entire asparagus without damage in one swift motion, Sneeboer has created this asparagus knife.

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The small, stainless steel blade has been forged by the blacksmith to flatten it and has then been sharpened. This tool is mated with a specially formed wooden handle so that asparagus can be harvested comfortably in one motion. The asparagus knife is available with this specially formed ash wood handle or the normal cherry wood handle.

Total length

49 cm

Length of the handle

16 cm

Width of the blade

3 cm

Net weight

0,28 kg

Length of the blade

3 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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