Von Lindern Cultivator


The oak leaf shape of this five-tined hand cultivator dates back to an old English design from the 1890s. The Von Linder cultivator is ideal for turning over the soil and aerating the top layer of hard soils, without damaging other plants. It can also be used very effectively for weeding unwanted plants at the surface.

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The oak leaf shape of the Von Lindern cultivator is simple as astonishing and creates a very special tool. The oak leaf feature a straight, sharp tine on each of its five petals. This design makes it very useful for removing weeds in crowded borders, turning over and cultivating the soil and to loosen and aerate the top layer of soil. The Von Lindern cultivator is available with a handle made from ash or cherry wood.

Total length

25 cm

Length of the handle

14 cm

Width of the blade

6 cm

Net weight

0,18 kg

Length of the blade

10 cm

Material of handle

Cherry wood

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