Shovel 24 cm


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The classical shovel, known in Dutch as “bats”, is perfect for scooping up loose materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, wood chips and many more voluminous materials. The shovel is also available with a narrower blade width .

Distinctive features of the shovel are the dimensions of the blade and the angle of the blade in relation to the wooden handle. Because of these features, the shovel is better suited for scooping up material compared to a spade. Our range includes this shovel, or a version of the shovel with a narrower blade width so you can pick up even more material. We offer a wide range of ash wooden handles of different lengths, and we even have a version where the blade and handle are made from stainless steel.

Net weight

2,00 kg

Total length

121 cm

Length of the handle

100 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

Width of the bladeNaN
Length of the bladeNaN
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