Royal Dutch Hand Hoe


The Royal Dutch hand hoe is the more manageable version of the famous Royal Dutch hoe, the hoe that was invented by Jaap Sneeboer to celebrate the centenary of Sneeboer in 2013. It is a multifunctional tool which can be used with enormous success in raised beds, square foot planting, balcony and patio growing, heavily planted or mature herbaceous borders, permanent container pots and window boxes. It is one of the most versatile garden tools that any gardener can own.

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The Royal Dutch hand hoe features two of the three innovations of the larger Royal Dutch hoe. The front of the blade features three points with two cutting edges between the points. These blades can be used to cut the weeds while the back of the blade has a spike in the middle with which the cut off weeds can be pulled back to the user and removed. The Royal Dutch hand hoe is available with a handle of ash or cherry wood.

Total length

32 cm

Length of the handle

14 cm

Width of the blade

6 cm

Net weight

0,17 kg

Length of the blade

3 cm

Material of handle

Cherry wood

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