Handtool Rack


By hanging your Sneeboer tools in this hand tool rack, you ensure that the sharp edges of the hand tools do not touch the ground which keeps them in the best shape for as long as possible. The best method is to hang the tools with the stainless steel parts downwards (i.e., with the handle pointing to the sky), so that trapped moisture can flow out of the socket which will protect the wood in the socket against wood rot. This sturdy tool rack is made from pine wood.

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The hand tool rack is 60cm wide and 10cm high. The rack has five sets of two wooden pegs which and can hold up to 15 hand tools. This tool rack is a valuable addition for every gardener that is serious about not only the garden, but their tools as well. The rack is delivered without mounting materials.

Total length

60 cm

Width of the blade
Length of the handle
Net weight

0,65 kg

Length of the blade
Material of handle


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