Halfmoon Pull Hoe 14 cm


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The halfmoon pull hoe is an extremely effective weeding hoe but it can also be used to aerate soil. It easily draws out furrows and drills for planting seeds. And it can reach crafty weeds in the middle of borders which stand no chance once the sharp blade gets to work.

Due to the halfmoon shape of the blade, the halfmoon pull hoe is well suited to the vegetable garden where the sharp edges of the blade are ideal for working close to the crops and vegetables without damaging them. It can also be used for precision weeding in crowded borders. The halfmoon pull hoe is available with blade widths ranging from 10cm to 16cm and is paired with a 155cm ash wood button handle. 

Net weight

1,05 kg

Total length

168 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

Width of the bladeNaN
Length of the bladeNaN
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