Great Dixter Tickling Fork


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The Great Dixter fork from Sneeboer was designed by Christopher Lloyd, the famous British gardening author who lived at an estate in East Sussex known as The Great Dixter. In a cottage garden where borders are packed with plants and essential self-sowers, it is difficult to get into the tight spaces between plants to weed and work the soil. This long handled fork enables you to do this without crouching or bending your back, allowing you to tip toe through the border and reach into difficult spaces. The narrow head and flat tines make it possible to incorporate compost between plants minimizing damage and encouraging growth of self-sowers (mulching would prevent this). Using a hoe smears the soil and simply does not get deep enough. This fork is only available with a 155cm ash button handle.

This is an essential tool for borders packed with plants. Fergus Garrett received the original tool from a fisherman in North Wales and after using it everyone fell in love with it. It was adapted by giving it a longer handle which enables you to use it without an aching back and its central tine was extended to give greater precision when dealing with individual weeds. The head is angled perfectly, to make it flow from your arms and feel a part of body. A narrow, light handle makes it easy to use and flat tines allow you greater contact with the soil.

The Great Dixter fork is one of a special collection of tools that we are allowed to sell under the “Great Dixter” pedigree and name. Sneeboer is the only manufacturer of garden tools in the world that are allowed to use this name in their product range. With each Great Dixter tool that Sneeboer sells, a part of the revenue is donated to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust. Sneeboer is happy and proud that we can contribute to this excellent example of English cultural heritage.

Total length

144 cm

Length of the handle

125 cm

Width of the blade

13 cm

Net weight
Length of the blade
Material of handle

Ash wood

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