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The soil aerator is a one-tined cultivator with a long handle, specifically made to work while standing up straight. It has a sickle-shaped tine with a flattened top. Unlike digging with a spade, the soil can be loosened gently with the soil aerator, leaving the natural layers in order. For this reason, the soil aerator primarily finds its use in biological and ecological gardening.

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The soil aerator is known in Germany as a ‘Sauzahn’, which roughly translates to ‘Tusk’. Boars use their tusks to overturn the soil in search for food and the shape of the tine of the hand cultivator is formed to follow this function. This cultivating improves the structure and substance of the soil. The soil aerator is available with a 155cm button handle made from ash wood.

Total length

179 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Width of the blade

2 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Ash wood

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