Perennial Spade


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The classic perennial spade has been part of the Sneeboer garden tool collection for multiple generations. The perennial spade is designed to divide perennial shrubs and make planting holes while working close to the ground. The perennial spade is a welcome and most useful addition to any garden.

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The blade of the perennial spade is forged and sharpened on both sides and is formed into a point making it very easy to drive into the ground. The short size of the perennial spade, measuring 57cm overall, makes it the perfect tool to work with precision in a kneeled position. The perennial spade, a smaller version of the Sneeboer pointed spade, is equally suited to dividing shrubs, lifting bulbs, digging planting holes and working in areas where a full size spade would be too cumbersome. The perennial spade can be fitted with a 28cm or 42cm ash wood handle.

Length of the handle

28 cm

Net weight

0,51 kg

Width of the blade

13 cm

Length of the blade

14 cm

Total length

42 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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