Multi- Shovel


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The multi-shovel has so many functions, it will be difficult to list them all! It can be used for maintenance works in your planters or pots as it features a blade and a rake in one tool! Both parts are connected by two stainless steel rods, so the entire tool is made from stainless steel. The rods are slight formed in the middle, so you have the grip you need when working with one of the two business ends. Due to its many functions and small size, it is perfect to bring to a garden in a different location.

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The multi-shovel is made entirely from high quality stainless steel and can be transported to other gardens due to its small size and multifunctional design. The middle of the rods is bent slightly allowing the user to exert more force on the blade or rake, whichever is being used.

Net weight

0,28 kg

Total length

40 cm

Material of handle


Width of the bladeNaN
Length of the bladeNaN
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