Garden Rake 6 tines


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The garden rake is ideal for preparing and leveling sowing beds, to collect material between the tines and to crumble the ground in the garden. This allows for better aeration of the soil and for improved mixing of compost or other soil enhancers. When the rake is flipped upside down with the tines skyward, the horizontal beam can used to level the seedbed. The tines are forged, sharpened and bent inwards to improve the push-and-pull motion. The garden rake is the perfect tool to clean up the garden. The garden rake with six tines is less wide than the rake with eight tines allowing you to work with more precision in the garden.

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Sneeboer has a wide selection of rakes and garden rakes with different widths, number and length of tines and distance between the tines. Sneeboer has a rake for every application in the garden which are mated to a solid, ash wood handle of 155cm. With normal use and proper maintenance, Sneeboer rakes will last a lifetime.

Total length

167 cm

Length of the handle

155 cm

Width of the blade

21 cm

Net weight
Length of the blade
Material of handle

Ash wood

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