Transplanting Spade with steps LUXE


A unique robust V-shaped spade designed for transplanting trees and shrubs and to protect surrounding plants. With almost surgical precision you can transplant that plant without damaging the surrounding plants and root structure. The cutting edge of a regular spade is curved and therefore less adequate to transplant as the blade can slip away from the roots. The cutting edge on this spade is V-shaped ensuring that roots get trapped and cut more easily. The transplanting spade is a lightweight tool in comparison with other spades.

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The blade of the transplanting spade is shaped like a V on the long side to give it strength and to prevent fracturing the blade while digging and cutting. Furthermore, the angle at which the blade is attached to handle is specifically determined to make working with the transplanting spade more comfortable. The transplanting spade is available with an ash wood handle of varied sizes. 

Total length

108 cm

Length of the handle

90 cm

Width of the blade

11 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade

22 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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