Terrarium fork with patter


Sneeboer collaborated with “Het Groenlab” from the Netherlands to develop a line of tools that are specifically created to use as gardening tools on the smallest scale: in a bottle! This line of Terrarium tools can be used to prepare, plant, aerate and cultivate plants and they are a ‘must have’ for your indoor gardening. With a length of 44 cm the tools will make preparing and planting in bottles easy and elegant.

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We designed a small fork and a small spade which has been fitted with a masher at the end of the tool. The masher can be used to compact the soil in the terrarium. The fork can be used to aerate and cultivate while the spade comes in handy when planting holes need to be made.

Total length

44 cm

Length of the handle

39,50 cm

Width of the blade

2,20 cm

Net weight NaN
Length of the blade NaN
Material of handle

Roestvast | staal

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