Dandelion Trowel V-model LUXE


The dandelion trowel V-model features a long and curved blade with a sharpened end that is cut out in the shape of a V. This shape of the cutting edge allows the tool to be driven into the ground with ease and makes it a perfect tool to quickly remove weeds with long taproots. With  60 cm Luxe handle.

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The dandelion trowel is available with this V-shape that cuts through roots with ease or with a round cutting edge and with a long or shorter blade. The best moment to use any of these trowels is when the soil is moist. When the soil is too dry, the roots of weeds tend to break when these are removed allowing the weed to regrow. The narrow blade of the dandelion trowel ensures that weeds van be removed quickly without damaging the surround plants or vegetation. The dandelion trowel V-model is available with a handle of ash or cherry wood.

Total length

83 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

Net weight

0,40 kg

Width of the blade

4 cm

Length of the blade

20 cm

Length of the handle

60 cm

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