Hand Weeding Fork


The hand weeding fork is great for getting under weeds and loosening them with their roots from the soil and for removing plants from pots or soil without damaging the roots. The stainless steel tines are strong enough to dig and cultivate soils of all types and conditions. The clever design of the hand weeding fork ensures that the tool is sturdy, balanced and ergonomically to use. The hand weeding fork is a larger, more durable version of the weeding fork making it better suited for work in harder and more compact soil types.

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The hand weeding fork is a useful tool when crops need to be transplanted without damaging the roots in harder soils and is available with a 22cm cherry wood handle. The tool is entirely made from 8mm stainless steel plate instead of welded and forged stainless steel bar. The smaller weeding forks are available with a number of different handles from either ash or cherry wood.

Total length

35,50 cm

Length of the handle

22 cm

Width of the blade

8 cm

Net weight

0,34 kg

Length of the blade

12 cm

Material of handle

Cherry wood

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