Dandelion Digger


This dandelion trowel has a specific form which makes it ideal for weeding daisies and buttercups. The solid stainless steel blade has been shaped in the middle, so the alignment is perfect for use while minimizing the straining on the wrists. Slot the hand weeder around the base of the offending growth (daisy or dandelions particularly) and with leverage watch them come away intact preventing further infestation or annoying re-growth

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The best moment to use the dandelion trowel is when the soil is slightly moist. When the soil is too dry, the roots tend to break instead of being removed from the soil which will allow the weeds to regrow. The dandelion trowel can be delivered with and ash or cherry wood handle.

Length of the handle

14 cm

Net weight

0,20 kg

Width of the blade

2,50 cm

Length of the blade

17 cm

Total length

30 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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