Bulb Planter


The bulb planter is equipped with a durable step on the side of the planter to put your foot on. This makes it an ideal tool for planting bulbs and vegetables in loose as well as compact soil. The handle is made from ash wood and the planter is made from stainless steel. This combination can make perfect planting holes with a diameter of 5cm.

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Bulb planting can be a never-ending gardening task which only seems worthwhile when the blooms emerge months later in the garden, but this bulb planter will make planting your bulbs as enjoyable as watching them emerge! You drive the planter into the ground with your feet, turn the tool 45 degrees to one side and remove the planter from the soil. When the next hole is made, the soil from the previous hole is ejected from the top of the tool. The bulb planter is available with this ash handle, but we also have a version with a handle from stainless steel or the more manageable hand bulb planter.

Total length

90 cm

Length of the handle

63 cm

Width of the blade

4,50 cm

Net weight

1,18 kg

Length of the blade

12,50 cm

Material of handle

Ash wood

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