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The Broadfork, also known as a Grelinette, is a garden tool used for turning, aerating and tilling soil in the garden. It is designed to loosen soil without disturbing or turning soil layers, which is beneficial for maintaining soil structure and preserving soil life. In addition, the broadfork can help in weed control and its use makes it easier to mix compost and fertilisers into the soil.

This Broadfork is completely handmade from high quality stainless steel as you have come to expect from Sneeboer garden tools. The total fork weighs 7.3kg and the 5 tines are 25cm long. The total fork is 50cm wide and with the handles mounted, the fork is 145cm long. These stainless steel handles are 120cm long and detachable so you can transport the fork easily. We have carved the Sneeboer logo into the outer two tines and these details make this fork look as fantastic as it is in use.

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The Broadfork is a garden tool used for digging, aerating and tilling the soil in the garden. Due to the position and shape of the tines, you drive the fork into the ground with ease by standing on the horizontal bar. If you then move the two handles forwards and backwards, the fork will dig itself in. After the fork reaches the desired depth in the ground, step off the beam and pull the complete fork backwards, while holding the handles as high as possible. If you hold the handles at the highest point, this motion will cost very little effort. In this motion, you can work the entire garden Compared to traditional methods such as ploughing, a Broadfork minimises disturbances in the soil, keeping the garden healthier and more fertile. It is a valuable tool for gardeners looking for sustainable gardening methods.

Net weight

7,30 kg

Total length

145 cm

Length of the handle

120 cm

Material of handle


Width of the blade NaN
Length of the blade NaN
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